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Graviton Solutions is a top consulting firm that has been offering technical services for corporations across the business verticals (Telecommunications, Healthcare). We have been offering insights about growing corporation’s top and bottom lines and attaining sustainable progress. Our time served with experts, work with top officials to come up with strategy in information technology and business that spurs transformation in the way of doing things. We offer a variety of consultancy services geared towards growing our client’s brand and diversifying their operational capacity. We have a unique approach to change management, which serves to benefit our clients across the corporate world.

Strategy and Business Consultation Services

Gravitation Solutions help in redefining the opportunities and helps to determine what is best for your organization and helps to maintain a balance between value and risk, which would help to make maximum out of your business. Security is also taken care of while in collaboration with Gravitation Solutions.

Industry Thought Leadership 

Become an industry thought leader requires the ability to constantly create new and innovative content. At Graviton Solutions, we have the right tools to help corporations become innovation leaders in their own business vertical. Under our expert tutelage, companies can develop a forward minded business model that establishes them as an authority in their sphere of influence.

Each company has the potential to become a market leader; however, this hidden or sometimes barely perceptible quality requires the right push. Graviton Solutions is a consultancy firm that excels in providing the thought-provoking ideas to help corporations achieve their lofty goals.

Enterprise Architecture Solutions

Our consultancy firm has come to the aid of many clients looking for the right enterprise design for their companies. In all occasions we were able to develop an operating model suitable for the company’s aspirations and goals. We help businesses align their goals with a suitable IT Enterprise design. We also have expert knowledge on organizational integration, which gets the different parts of the enterprise such as: HR, operations and IT to work together for a common goal.

Staff Augmentation

Projects that run on a big budget need the right team of people to see them to completion. Even with all the right resources, without the right minds working on a project, failure is inevitable. While staff augmentation may come into tight scrutiny when you compare it to having employees who are there full time; it also helps a lot in critical high intensity projects. Staff augmentation can help your corporation achieve its goals in the set time lines. We offer highly skilled professionals who come ready to churn out masterful work. Businesses will find that out services are cost efficient, flexible, offer maximum control to the corporation.

Product Inception and Development

Business success is not just about coming up with brilliant ideas. Turning good ideas into products that receive a good reception from the clients is one of the ways to turn good ideas into invaluable gems. Middle-market and early stage technical companies require the right people driving the product development to achieve market success. We have the perfect team of professionals to scope the market, evaluate product success and guide the implementation process. We have an adaptable approach, which offers first-class product innovation and implementation.

ITIL Based Project Management

Getting the corporation to run like a well-oiled machine is no small feat. Companies need ITIL experts that can help them get their digital infrastructure in line with the organization’s goals. We have certified ITIL practitioners, who can help the organization come up with a maturity model that allows the corporation to determine their progress and seamlessly introduce new ideas for growth. Our way of doing things focuses on the unique strengths of each corporation, which allows for a unique change delivery model in each scenario. In turn, the corporation grows more confident in the ability to grow progressively and deliver solid results.